Sunday, 12 July 2015


I kept standing at your closed door
With a bouquet in my hand

I kept knocking at your locked heart
With a humble and modest desire

My heart was was heavy with burden of your thoughts
Not that i knew that yours wasn't

I committed this sin, of fancying you
While for you it's just annoyance

I keep telling the world, my pathetic story
I earn a thousand pity, i write allegory

I pretend i'm the one, who bore the most pain
Out in the lonely miserable universe

You keep telling the world, "he's just a rat,
Chasing me all the way, like a creepy old cat."

So i am now shown my own place,
At the dirty little corner no one can find a trace

I've thrown away the desire, the erotic tales
That i harbored with care, waiting to unveil

The roses are gone, they're rotting in drove
They're cursed by me, my unrequited love.

---With (No)Love , SDR

Sunday, 5 July 2015


Come each afternoon, I look out of the window
For the sign of your blue veil, dangling off your shoulder

It reminds me of the waves,  the infinite power source
As you hold the key to my life, providing me the drops of it

As you walk over the green, they feel blessed by you
For each movement of you is surreal, reminds me of deity

To your child-like mellifluous giggle, everything else seems noise
I desire you could do the same to me, with your lips so close to my ears

I wish you could sit beside me, so I could gaze upon you
I could feel the brightness of your skin, to my hearts content

I wish you were so close to me, that I could feel your breath
That our cheeks could collide, and let our lips do the dive

Your thoughts are so complicated, so as I never get a guage
If I could bury my face in your heart, to see what's inside...

But I lose my way to your heart, as your softness makes me numb
I could hardly open my eyes, I've found the brightest corner in the dark

As I wrap my hands around you, your fragrance makes me crazy
I wish my heart was to my right, so it could synchronize with yours

Wish I could explore all about you, the depths and valleys that you possess
But you're so deep and vast, you're infinite, as if I'm lost in nature itself

But I'm not lost, though I want to be, I'm still here at my window,
Waiting on your trail, as thirsty as ever, as you'll be my mirage forever....