Sunday, 12 July 2015


I kept standing at your closed door
With a bouquet in my hand

I kept knocking at your locked heart
With a humble and modest desire

My heart was was heavy with burden of your thoughts
Not that i knew that yours wasn't

I committed this sin, of fancying you
While for you it's just annoyance

I keep telling the world, my pathetic story
I earn a thousand pity, i write allegory

I pretend i'm the one, who bore the most pain
Out in the lonely miserable universe

You keep telling the world, "he's just a rat,
Chasing me all the way, like a creepy old cat."

So i am now shown my own place,
At the dirty little corner no one can find a trace

I've thrown away the desire, the erotic tales
That i harbored with care, waiting to unveil

The roses are gone, they're rotting in drove
They're cursed by me, my unrequited love.

---With (No)Love , SDR

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