Saturday, 25 October 2014


From the glittering of your eyes
I see the light of the day
They enlighten me with knowledge
Of the desires I have on the edge

Your darkened hair makes me wonder
Of the night we were alone
The distance between us was nether
But it seemed like a lightyear as ever

I have never been to the mountain
That has the curves of your pink lips
They seem like a trap made of twin
As if my soul is eclipsed in between

As i touch your neck in my dreams
My tactioception fulfills its meaning
Your body responses with joy and shiver
My heartbeat synchronizes with it forever

You let me go deep down with you
To discover more valleys of love never seen
I get lost in them and rest my soul
To be never waken up again

And i wish that i make you fragrant
With the warmth of inside of my heart
The scent of your body beats any flower
That god might have made in heaven for shower

Yes i know its a mere dream
And you are far,far away
But I find you in me every moment i spend
I'll be with you to the line till the end
By Suman Dutta Roy

Sunday, 15 June 2014


Through the wilderness of happiness
I've come across a long way,
The moments of joy,awakening of desires
Have found there way to the doorway,

Though the thoughts of you were a burden as it seemed
A mere fantasy of a nincompoop,
A deceiving mirage of a lonely desert
Like wandering on and on in a loop,

Oh! Is this so? I didn't know..
This is all what YOU think,
To me it's a beacon, a hope in the dark
A thread to my life,a connection, a link,

I dare hard to bear you in me
As pictures of the times of anguish relentless,
So I keep on striving to save the memories
That threaten me to go to the oblivion of nothingness......

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Of all the winds that you know of

This is the one which is totally off,

Not the storm of the sky that twirls your sneses

Or the breeze of the night that chills in expense,

Nor the perspirers of the summer afternoon

Bred by the scorching sun and made to bloom,

But this is somewaht different, you'd wonder what it is

It takes you by surprise and blow your mind in piece,

What it is that made you look for someone you never known to

And to feel the unknown pain which you confused whether to let go,

I don't wanna let it go,I wanna let be sink

To judge if my blood in veins could survive your deadly blink,

I dare not survive this time, craving to be destroyed in peace

Cuz your turbulent thoughts are soothing taking me to cease,

I am bounded by the laws of wanting to see you

Instructed by my heart for desiring to touch you,

To be seen by you for whatever small moments,

Cuz now I know I've been touched by the air of limerence....