Sunday, 17 June 2012


Oh rose,all these years i've been with you

 I've seen you blush to pink

 I've seen you flaunt your red

 I've seen you sleep at night

 With ur cheeks coming out of the wrap

 Shining in the moonstruck light

I came across all your colors

 They change with the moves of the sun

 As if telling the untold story

 Of your tears which i see every dawn

Wonder why were you made so charming

 Your beauty kills each trace of my life

 No wonder why are you so full of pride

 Why your thorns make owning you a strife

All these years i've been below you

 You never even looked down to me

 I kept holding your soil so that you dont fall

 Never you cared to say thank you

I wonder what hideous creature i am

 What to tell,i'm just a grass

 Yes, you heard that totally right 

 I'm just a little thing so crass

Every human loves you, 

 Wants to take you in hands

 Wants to touch you and feel you

 Gift you to the lovers fulfilling their demands

I neither desrve to look at you

 Nor i want to make do

 The scorching sun helps me

 He tells me to fade to which im due

But with the advent of the rain

 I've gone out of my mind again

 My fluids are high,my shades deeper

 My heart coming out of the cage

You have so many lovers to keep you flattered

 At the moments of your happiness

 But once look around when the days are lonely

 You might see the green of my heart...i confess.


Friday, 18 May 2012


Sometimes WHEN I feel like being in an unperturbed evening

Nothing different from a serene seashore

Detached from all my amusements

I feel so great, I feel so complete,

Being with my own, my beloved lover

My beloved lover 'Loneliness',

She is not shy to hold my hands

To hug me and kiss my lips,

She is not shy when around me is crowd,

She does not cry when none cuz of me is proud,

But she is so possessive, doesn wanna give me space

And YOU are filled in my heart to every single trace,

I know I'm not loyal,my mind roams around you,

It offends my beloved 'Loneliness'

To her it's something new,

I know she loves me so much

She can take my life too, the limit is as such,

whenever I think of you she makes it hard to breath

Thus, I know, one day my loneliness would strangle me to Death.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A Drop Of Water

I've been waiting here for the drop of a water

The drop of a water on the green leaf

I don't know how it is still there

Im just waiting like a thief.

I've waited for years before

The time when hope was strong

Never too alarmed by the intensity

Of my thirst that things can go wrong.

Since then it has been a long run

And innumerable things that i learn

All these years i've lived in the oasis

To explore the desert is the way to earn.

The torrid sands are yet to burn my feet

My body, my mind and my soul to defeat

Still i no more feel the thirst

Which once used to come out burst

Nor i seek the rain to come

That neither cares the winter nor the autumn

Only it cares the promise it makes

To drench the soil with love whatever it takes

But the sands are too cruel

Conspiring with the sun,

Never lets the clouds to bless,

Evil remains so stern.

So i've passaged a long way around

Never knowing what to seek

And now i see the drop there

Coming down rolling off green peak

The thirst doesn't bother anymore,

The drop only soothes my soul

The doubts of reality no more torments,

Do not care whether a mirage or a ghoul,

The only thing i want to do is

To stare at the beautiful bead,

To pray to god to keep it safe

In the conciousness of my head.


Friday, 20 April 2012


Down to the scorching sun of ever-pungent summer,

How frequently things do change, as if witnessing a plunder,

The blue lake was so pacific i saw just a moment before,

The zephyre too was so cool, blowing right across the shore,

Didn't know when it all happened,the sun started burning,

The lake dried, the zephyre died and the leaves stopped rustling,

I looked for a respite and yes, i found one forever,

She emerged out to be an illusive mirage,

Dragging me towards the quicksand of love ridden desert...