Sunday, 17 June 2012


Oh rose,all these years i've been with you

 I've seen you blush to pink

 I've seen you flaunt your red

 I've seen you sleep at night

 With ur cheeks coming out of the wrap

 Shining in the moonstruck light

I came across all your colors

 They change with the moves of the sun

 As if telling the untold story

 Of your tears which i see every dawn

Wonder why were you made so charming

 Your beauty kills each trace of my life

 No wonder why are you so full of pride

 Why your thorns make owning you a strife

All these years i've been below you

 You never even looked down to me

 I kept holding your soil so that you dont fall

 Never you cared to say thank you

I wonder what hideous creature i am

 What to tell,i'm just a grass

 Yes, you heard that totally right 

 I'm just a little thing so crass

Every human loves you, 

 Wants to take you in hands

 Wants to touch you and feel you

 Gift you to the lovers fulfilling their demands

I neither desrve to look at you

 Nor i want to make do

 The scorching sun helps me

 He tells me to fade to which im due

But with the advent of the rain

 I've gone out of my mind again

 My fluids are high,my shades deeper

 My heart coming out of the cage

You have so many lovers to keep you flattered

 At the moments of your happiness

 But once look around when the days are lonely

 You might see the green of my heart...i confess.


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