Tuesday, 26 May 2015


I keep on burning my eyes
With the illusive light of hope
It's merely real, free of all vice
But it's something I'll never be able to cope

I can't stop measuring your trail
Lining up the smallest grains of sand
I'm clueless how your impressions on grass prevail
I can feel the softness of your feet with my hand

I keep researching with your trail left behind
Running out of variables for my equations to bind
I may fail again to predict a glimpse of you
It's rather easy to be lost in your impressions' view

I'll always remember the scent of our intimacy,
It might be able to show me the way towards you
But  your fragrance is so intoxicating to me
It keeps me getting back to your fantasy

I'm inveterate with the warmth of your body,
With the untraceable curves and endless cusps
I might not be able to solve their mystery,
I'll  just be sank into the god's own craft

Sometimes I wonder what are all these
A spell, an enchantment, a deadly conspiracy
Devised by you to keep you with me
While still keeping yourself away..

-----BY S.D.R. ..........:)

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