Friday, 3 June 2011


Pity on me for what I've been,

Pity on me for what I haven't seen

I've been flown away all the way by the waves,

All the way with the motion.

I could see all my destinies

On the other side of the river

They heckled me for the way I am me,

Tormented me for the way I could'nt see,

The possibilities of future.

I saw them move away,

I let them go further away;

Never making an attempt to combat,

Never knowing that I'm the cornered cat..

Now I wonder what's the change,

Why can't I ignore the visions in my range,

Why do I feel that I shouldn't think,

That an upstream should be an uphill thing..

Destinations have come and gone to the darkness of oblivion,

Except this new feeling breaking my heart and smashing my soul to frustration,

I kept asking myself whether this feeling is a destination,

Then I realized, this feeling is the PATH,

Which takes me to YOU,my DESTINATION......


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